Ms. Studebaker is very confident that her company can help attorneys and law firm cut back on overhead costs and help their clients stay within their legal budget all while helping the attorney and/or law firms retain more profits. 

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Virtual paralegals are not employees, therefore, you can eliminate and/or reduce your overhead by eliminating and/or reducing: 

  • extra office space;
  • office equipment for your paralegal;
  • employee benefits, employment taxes, unemployment costs, worker's compensation, and more; 
  • increase your profit margin; and
  • reduce and/or eliminate continuing education for employees.
Why A Virtual Paralegal
is Cost-Effective
  • When hiring an employee isn't an option or doesn't make sense;
  • You do not expect the need for additional support to last indefinitely;
  • Large document review;
  • Delegate particular tasks so you can focus on other pressing issues;
  • Available when you need the help.
  • Give you more time to focus on pressing matters
  • Help you manage a heavy caseload;
  • Assist your paralegal(s) on an as-needed basis or on-going; 
  • Available to work as much or as little as needed; and
  • Provide you with support during your paralegal's absence.
Utilizing a Virtual Paralegal Can:

In today’s economy, it is very beneficial for law firms to work with paralegals in the “virtual” world.  As we all know, time is at a premium in all businesses today.  However, it is particularly true for law firms of all sizes, especially the solo practitioner and/or small law firms.  Clients need to watch their legal budget, triggering law firms to watch what they can now charge their clients, be more conscious of overhead costs, yet the same amount of work needs to get done.  In most firms today, there are fewer hands to do the job that needs to be accomplished, yet due to this economy, most firms are not in a position to add to their existing payroll by hiring a full time paralegal and/or administrative assistant to help them bear the work.  Studebaker Paralegal Services offers you the quality of work your firm is looking for at a fraction of the cost, allowing the law firm to charge their clients significantly less, while still providing the excellent legal services they have always offered.