Paralegal Support Services

  • Create and/or maintain databases
  • Deposition - preparation and attend
  • Discovery - all phases
  • Document review
  • Filing documents via online TurboCourt / CM/ECF
  • Interview of witnesses and experts
  • Legal Research and writing
  • Litigation support software / partnered with iPro
  • Locate potential experts for attorneys
  • Review initial case, evaluation, gathering information for attorney's review
  • ​Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • ​Mediation - assist attorneys in preparation and attend
  • Travel - ability to travel nationally and internationally
  • Trial preparation - assist attorneys in preparation and attend​​

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  • Admiralty & Maritime
  • Appellate
  • Bankruptcy Filing / Litigation
  • Civil Litigation / Commercial
  • Complex Litigation
  • Construction Defect
  • Conservatories / Guardianship
  • Criminal (on paralegal list for CJA)
  • Employment Litigation
  • Judgment / Collection / Garnishment
  • Immigration
  • Medical Malpractice / Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
  • Personal Injury / Brain Injury / Catastrophic
  • Trucking Compliance / Accidents 
  • Wrongful Deaths

Services Offered

You can rest assured we will always protect your client's information to the highest degree at all times.  You will know you made the right choice in placing your trust and confidence in us.


While Studebaker Paralegal Services, LLC offers a variety of paralegal services in various areas of law, our true passion and expertise is in complex litigation.  We enjoy the many aspects of complex litigation from the initial stages of the intake of the case, to reviewing the various documents, working with experts and of course, all aspects of trial preparation and attending trial.

Providing Paralegal Support for Areas: 


The largest case that we have had the opportunity and pleasure of working on was a bankruptcy case in which an adversary proceeding was filed.  Within that adversary proceeding, there were an additional 336 cases, with an additional 13-14 cases within each of the 336 cases.  Brenda Studebaker, Sr. Litigation Paralegal and President, was assigned as the lead senior litigation paralegal.  Her responsibilities included over seeing the management and organization of the case, familiarizing herself with all facts of the case, reporting and working closely with the partner while maintaining and actively working on multiple other cases assigned to her.

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  • City Courts
  • Justice Courts
  • Superior Courts 
  • Civil Division I (AZ)
  • Civil Division II (AZ)
  • Federal District Courts 
  • Bankruptcy Courts
  • Appellate - Ninth Circuit
Brenda has also had the pleasure of working on various complex litigation cases, one of which consisted of a real estate matter involving a $180,000,000 loan.  There were multiple law suits filed in various jurisdictions in which she worked closely with the partner and assigned attorney along with co-counsel assisting them with the various issues and facts surrounding the case.  She was responsible for maintaining and overseeing the organization of the file, monitoring all suits filed and being familiar with all of the facts of the case.